How to remove unfollowers or uncirclers in Google+

How to find and Remove Uncirclers / Unfollowers on Google+

Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh create a easy to use Chrome extension called “Uncircle Uncirclers+” which gives you the opportunity to identify which people in your circles don’t have you in theirs google+ circles.

Now you can successfully removed those contacts that didn’t add you to theirs google+ circles within 30 seconds and without the risk of uncircling users such as yourselves.

This Chrome extension allows you to select which circles you want considered into the analysis to avoid removing specific contacts such people that you conside interesting, family and friends by example.

Here is the link for Chrome … Remove Uncircles Google+

Uncircle google+ unfollowers google+

How to Uncircle in Google+

Once you have selected the appropriate filters it’s simply a case of clicking Apply, you are then presented with a list of “People who don’t circle you back in google+” with checkboxes together to their names.
Click on Uncircle once you have reviewed the generated list and they will be automatically removed from your Google+ circles in few seconds seconds. And is ALL!!

You can add Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh to your Circles

Too remember you can add me to your Circles Carlos Hormaizteguy

Remember this is a Chrome extension that allow you to find users that you add to your circles but them didn’t add you back to their google+ circles (google+ = = google plus)

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