15 Twitter Tips to get more Retweets, Clicks and Favourites [INFOGRAPHIC]

good tips for tweeter
Some Tips for you can get better results on Twitter

Do you know?
* Post pictures get 89% more Favourites, 50% more Retweets and 18% more Clicks?

* Tweet Videos too work good for to get more Retweets, 28% more.

* Use till 2 hashtags get 55% more Retweets that tweets without hashtags.

* The power of Please. Use “Please RT” to get 3 times more retweets and “Please ReTweet” for obtain 4 times more retweets that those without these words.

* The number of characters is important!
It’s better to write tweets from 70 up to 100 characters to gain more retweets.

* Do you know that use the short url bit.ly are more likely to be retweeted?

* The tweets have up to 24 minutes for more retweets, favorites and clicks.
It’s better if you send another tweets after about 30 minutes or more.

* In this infographic is recommended to post tweets in certain hours, but we at sv4.net think it’s better you to study and do tests to find out which is the best time for you tweet.

15 good tips for twitter

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Free schedule your tweets with photos in your Twitter

twittimer schedule tweets

One of the best online Free Twitter Tools.

Schedule your twitter messages for free. Choose the day and hour.

Share your photos in a simply way.
Select the picture to be published at the time of the creation of your tweet, it will be sent on your Twitter account.

Manage multi-user twitters accounts.
Up to 15 profiles manageable by Twitter account.

You choose the time zone and language.

If you have an account on Bitly.com you can check the statistics for your links

Work with all mobiles.

Twittimer is one of the best Free Twitter online tools.

Test this free twitter tool and share your comments.

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The Secrets to Intel incredible Facebook engagement Infographic

A very good report and case study for Facebook Pages.

According to Wishpond report, Intel’s Company content mix on Facebook page is roughly as follows:

Assorted memes: 32 percent
Product posts (not sales-themed): 20 percent
Facebook user participation (trivia, opinion-related questions, brain teasers, calls to action for likes and shares): 19 percent
Intel informative content: 15 percent
Intel company news: 15 percent

Intel Facebook posts can be broken down roughly into some categories.

Intel only post 1 time by day on Facebook page.

We hope that by studying how Intel interacts on Facebook can help you to increase the amount of followers to your Facebook page.

Click the image for enlarge

intel facebook page engagement

Advices for increase facebook interaction

In the next infographic you will see some good advices that can help you to increase the wall post interaction in Facebook.

By example Facebook photo posts receive an interaction rates 39% higher than the average.

Believe or not but emoticons too are importants.. the 😛 emoticon (mean : P without spaces) increase the Facebook interaction rate above posts wihtout emoticons in +102% rate

Is better write posts with 80 characters or less.

Posts that write a question at the end have 2x higher comments rate than others that put the question in the middle of the facebook post.

Try to no use words like “click here, submit, check it and shop” because your would receive a lower interaction rates in Facebook

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Look the next infographic.


facebook post interaction

Free Twitter Followers Stats

What you want to know from your Twitter followers?
Which countries? Gender? Studies? Profession?

Now you can get your Twitter Followers Stats for free with this tool.

Schmap was founded by Nick Fletcher and Paul Hallett

The Summary Analysis gives you a good insight into your Twitter followers

Reveals the top six ranked values in each of nine demographic analysis sections

Breaks down your twitters followers by country, city, type of account, gender, family status, profession, like & interests and more

Follower graph and maps

Compare with Twitter average + download analysis

Compare with competitors, etc

For prepare the analysis, this script look at data that your twitter followers have chosen to make public on Twitter (names, tweets, locations, bios, images etc.), and process this repetitious, using a series of algorithms.

Free Twitter followers Analysis

The methods are depending on the tenets of fluffy set concept (as developed by the math wizzard and computer scientist), a probabilistic reasoning that the program use to re-evaluate the likelihood of given categories, depending on often inconsistent understanding of multiple data alerts.

With regards to precision, the program endeavor to make sure that any given summary (regarding marriage position, career, place, etc.) for any given fan has at least a 95% possibility of being appropriate. Consequently, an combination research for an tweets consideration with even just a few hundred supporters appears up very well indeed.

Go to SCHAMP.IT and enjoy this free twitter tool.

stats twitter followers

Users that auto-publish to Social Media produce 50% more leads

If you’re an incoming professional, you’re probably already on aboard with the concept that users running a blog is an efficient way to produce delivers. And you probably also know that you can improve your blog capability to produce delivers if you also boost it in social networking.

But we did a little research here to see if there is something else we can do to create our company blogs and social media systems even more efficient at prospecting. And it’s auto-publishing your website material to public networking. Who might have thunk it?

A latest research of brings produced by HubSpot’s clients indicates that organizations that instantly post their websites to Social Media sites get 50% more delivers than organizations that don’t.


Additionally, businesses that used a public networking posting tool to schedule their public networking content had 3 times as many brings as those that didn’t.


So, how do you use this information to maximize your blog’s effectiveness through social media promotion? There are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Optimize your blog titles and content. Focus on the keywords that matter to your business. Social media content is indexed in search engines, too, so if you’re concerned with optimizing your organic presence, inclusion of keywords in your blog post titles and content will help support that effort.

2) Provide tweetable “nuggets” in your blog posts. This will help you expand your blog’s reach on social media in two ways. First, short tweetable statements help your readers find new copy to pull into their updates when they share your content via social media other than just your title. But you can also use tools like Click to Tweet that let you find tweetable content within your blog post that, with just one click, lets a reader share content to their social networks with a pre-filled tweet of your choice. What a great way to expand your reach and drive new traffic to your blog!

3) Provide easy social sharing options. Social sharing buttons are one of the easiest ways for visitors to get your blog posts out to the rest of the social media universe. The easier you make it for readers to share your content, the more your blog content will spread.

4) Consider a platform that automatically schedules and publishes blog posts on social media. Think this data applies to your business? Put it to the test. Use a social media publishing tool that integrates with your business blog so you can see this kind of epic lead increase for yourself.

5) Establish the best times to publish in social media. We’ve done our own research on the best times to publish social media updates, but it certainly varies from business to business. We also offer suggested times in the HubSpot social media publishing tool to help businesses spread their content out throughout the day. Figure out what times you receive the most engagement from publishing your blog content on social media to get the most bang for your buck!

More info at blog.hubspot.com

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Impact of Social Media on Travel Industry

Impact of Social Media on Travel Industry

Online Travel Industry Statics

Influence of social media on Travel Industry 2012.

Check how travelers use the Social Media in vacations.

87% of travelers used the internet for a bulk of their travel planning.

62% of travelers use Social Media for researched and upcomming trip.

Infographic about Travel Industry in Social Media.

Click the image for enlarge.

Social Media Travel Industry

Social Media Travel Industry
Click to Enlarge

This infographic was maked by Funsherpa

Suggestions for getting More Tweets as a Meeting Speaker

Today our SEO Carlos Hormaizteguy want to shared some tips from Krista Neher that he thinks are good.

The Conferences and Events are a great opportunity for building connections.

Speakers especially have the opportunity to come away with hundreds more social internet connections, including new Twitter followers.

But you can maximize the impact of your speaking on Twitter.

In the next infographic see 9 twitter tips about hashtags, photos and nametags for you.

A good point is when you create your presentation put together slides with shorts tweetable sound bites.

Then in your next presentation take note and use this tips for to have more tweets and twitter followers.

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How To Get More Tweets

How To Get More Tweets

Burst Brands on Social Media Sites

Infographic about how users follow brands on social media sites

Social Media Stats
76% of internet users visit Social Media Sites and is interesting that 49% of women visit social media sites at least a few times a day

Why do people follow bands online

39% To show support to the Brand

62% of internet users frequently or occasionally shared their favorite content sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites.

Brands Social Media

Brands Social Media