Managed Dedicated Servers USA and Canada

Full Managed Dedicated Servers in USA and Canada

Level 3 Tech Support
Server Monitoring 24/7

Free Setup
Initial setup of a CPanel/WHM Control

Quick Security audit

Limit compiler and fetch utilities access to root only

Correct folder permissions to prevent directory unprivileged or transversal users

Host.conf and sysctl hardening

Noexec, Nosuid temporary directory’s

RkHunter Installation.

APF Firewall Installation and Configuration

Kernel update

SSH Server Hardening

TCP/IP Hardening

Installation of BFD (Brute Force Detection)

Update all Panel Control / Server Software

Installation and configuration of Mod_Security with a mildly aggressive ruleset

RPM Package Audit

Upon Request
Disable of dangerous PHP functions
Zend Optimizer Installation

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Managed Dedicated Servers

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