Why Internet Marketers Are Moving to Google+

Maybe you’re wondering why so many internet marketers professionals are focusing heavily on the Google+ social network,

Read the interview maked for Michael Stelzner to Guy Kawasaki.

If you don’t know Guy Kawasaki he is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of marketing and new technologies.

Mike S: Why should internet businesses consider Google+? What are the major advantages for them?

Guy K: Internet businesses should jump on Google+ because it’s the “Wild West”, so you can stake your claim, as opposed to breaking through the noise on Facebook and Twitter.

Google owns the river called search traffic. It can point this river any way that it wants.

When Google introduced the concept of “social search” it turned SEO upside down.
Now when people search on Google, they see the actions of their friends on Google+.

1) you want people to circle you so that when they search, they see your posts and 2) you should post about what you want your followers to know you for.

If I were running a business, I would be thinking, “Why wait until I have to buy real estate in Manhattan? I should get in now and grab all of the followers I can before Google+ hits the mainstream.”

google social search
Above an example of social search in Google (note the little photos of a profiles indicating a social search result)

Mike S: You have been a huge proponent of Twitter for some time, and later Facebook. Where does Google+ fit in for you with the other social networks and why?

Guy K: I fell in love with Google+ because of the ability to edit posts, the more elegant user interface and the quality of comments.

Mike S: Should businesses focus on their personal profile or company pages when it comes to Google+ and why?

Guy K: This is a tough question.

The answer is clearest when the entity is a sole proprietorship or individual brand.

If the entity is likely to live longer than the person, then it should be a company page.

Mike S: Can you share some tips that internet businesses should consider when setting up a Google+ account?

Guy K: Tip #1 I just mentioned: Make sure that people feel like they’re interacting with a person, even if your Google+ page represents a company.

Tip #2 The content you share on Google+ should provide value: information, analysis and assistance. Your content should be so great that you earn the right also to promote your product or service every once in a while, like 5% of the time.

For example, if I were running VirginAmerica’s Google+ page, I would be constantly posting pictures of the cities that we serve, food from those cities and celebrations from those cities.
In other words, the content would be all about how to travel, whether for fun or business. Then because people circled our page to keep seeing all the good stuff, we would have earned the right to talk about our new routes and new fares.

If companies just do these two things, they’ll be fine.

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