Free Twitter Followers Stats

What you want to know from your Twitter followers?
Which countries? Gender? Studies? Profession?

Now you can get your Twitter Followers Stats for free with this tool.

Schmap was founded by Nick Fletcher and Paul Hallett

The Summary Analysis gives you a good insight into your Twitter followers

Reveals the top six ranked values in each of nine demographic analysis sections

Breaks down your twitters followers by country, city, type of account, gender, family status, profession, like & interests and more

Follower graph and maps

Compare with Twitter average + download analysis

Compare with competitors, etc

For prepare the analysis, this script look at data that your twitter followers have chosen to make public on Twitter (names, tweets, locations, bios, images etc.), and process this repetitious, using a series of algorithms.

Free Twitter followers Analysis

The methods are depending on the tenets of fluffy set concept (as developed by the math wizzard and computer scientist), a probabilistic reasoning that the program use to re-evaluate the likelihood of given categories, depending on often inconsistent understanding of multiple data alerts.

With regards to precision, the program endeavor to make sure that any given summary (regarding marriage position, career, place, etc.) for any given fan has at least a 95% possibility of being appropriate. Consequently, an combination research for an tweets consideration with even just a few hundred supporters appears up very well indeed.

Go to SCHAMP.IT and enjoy this free twitter tool.

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