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SMS and phone payment Worldwide Free Setup Mobile Micro Payments

Create revenue-generating SMS micro payment services and too phone payment.
No startup fee, no monthly fee, no technical skills required.
We provide you with professional analytics tools to track and optimize all your SMS transactions.

Via PayPal or Wire Transfer

Great World wide SMS mobile payment Coverage!
Our SMS micro payment and phone payment covers many mobile networks in different countries. Now too we accept credit card payments, IBAN and other payments system from each country.

Great coverage without any setup or monthly fees. See also our high payouts per country.

Start charging payouts now on your site:
Donations, Online gaming, Digital downloads, Site access, Checkout, Auction and Classifieds sites, Forums, Dating sites, Blogs, polls and so on.

Into your website so easy to setup.
Our API can be easily integrated into your website without any programming skills.
We also provide several modules for any kind of web sites and you can use for free.

Coverage & Payouts in more than 100 countries
Together with our carrier partners, we reaches over 1.9 billion consumers in more than 110 countries around the World.
That’s a huge number of people who is willing to pay using their mobile phones.
In most countries we can cover all carriers with different prices you can charge your customers.
You can select the end-user price that works best for your product or service.

Control Panel
From your SMS Micro Payment Control Panel you will be able to create your Services, look Statics and much more.


SMS Micropayments WorldWide

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Accepting micro payments by SMS mobile phones and phones is the easiest way for you grow your business without any significant marketing investment and with easy development.
Check too because time to time we can offer a better % for the SMS payments.

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micro payments sms phone credit cards

SMS micropayment worldwide

SMS micropayment worldwide and Phone payment

Google+ vs Facebook – InfoGraphic

The war between the current master of social networks, Facebook, and the new contender for the title, Google+, is ongoing and internet is filled with news and commentaries on which of the two promises more.

To clarify a bit what offer both social networks, Technobombs has designed a infographic in which to compare its benefits, but with clear preference for the Google+ product.

google+ versus facebook

google plus versus facebook

Infographic Facebook vs Google+

Google+ too knowly for google plus one

All the money we earn in publicity will be given to charity projects.

Most expensive domain names sales

How much cost some domain names.

The more expensive domain names registered till now.

Updated Juny 2011, the most expensive domain name sales on record were: for $35.6 million in July 2010 for $35 million in 20072 for $30.18 million in February 20123 for $13 million in October 2010 for $8.5 million in November 2010 for $7.5 million in December 1999 for $5.1 million in January 2000 by auction for $5.1 million in 2009 for $3.3 million in August 1998 for $3.0 million in June 2009 for $2.9 million in September 1999 for $2.75 million in July 2004 for $2.2 million in December 1999 for $2.0 million in May 2011

We sell for a foreign client the domain name for $10,000

Many foreigns clients believe in us for register theys domain names in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil because theys know that we are a very serious Company.

Contact us and we can appraisal your website for free

domain apprasial price

More expensive domain names

If you know some more domains with the seller prices was more than 2 million feel free to post the name and the price.

The site speed really affect search ranking

Site speed one of Google’s ranking factors.

Google takes site speed into account when deciding how high or not a website should show up in Google search results.

You want to know how fast does your site load?

A good tool is Pingdom

Google too have your tool Page Speed Online
this toold don’t show the speed time but give very good suggestions about how can improve the speed, resume and a score from 1 to 100 where 100 is the better for your site.

What’s considered slow page?

A site that loads within 2 seconds is doing well.
A site that loads in 2 to 5 seconds is not really fast, but it’s probably good enough.
More than 5 seconds to load is likely to annoy some visitors, and may be ranking lower than it could.
If your site takes more than 10 seconds to load, you really are in problems and need to speed it up.

How can you make your site load more faster?

Use compression to reduce the time needed to send your site content.
Optimize your images so they take less time to load and still look good.
Put your website’s code in a better order.
Remove unnecessary widgets or plug-ins that could be slowing your site.
Find a better web hosting company.
Feel free to Contact Us and request our opinion about how you can optimize your website speed load (free)

site speed time

Google Plus Widget for shared your public Posts in your site

With this Widget you can shared your updates in your website.

Visitors that read your updates might get interested and theys will add you in Google+

Only you public updates will be displayed.

Google Plus Widget allows you to show to the visitors of your website, blog, forum, etc that you have a Google+ account and theys can see your updates.

After install the Google Plus shared Posts within 48 hours you can see some nice statistics.
Including graphs for your follower count and widget views.

You can check how it work online in this site Information Romania

And if you want to try with this Google Plus Widget do you can go to

Google Plus

Google Plus

Add Twitter to your Google Plus account

A full featured twitter client for Google+ (Google Plus)

With this application you can view your timeline, urls, photo sharing and much more and all in the same place.

Don’t need to have more than one open window, now you can use this easy intengration in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Just sign in with your Twitter account and your Google Plus account and your dashboard will look like this screen capture.

Twitter for Google Plus

Twitter for Google Plus

You can go to the Author Site at Twitter and Google+

Yahoo Fan Page in Facebook growing so much

Yahoo Fan Page in Facebook Top of the week growing

Yahoo Facebook Page is the more explosive Facebook Page in the last days.

Yahoo mail users are fanning the search engine’s social networking home for tips and updates.

Yahoo! Mail now provides a new way to quickly reply to messages from your friends and social network. The reply bar appears at the bottom of your email messages and lets you easily reply to the sender or a group.

At this moment Yahoo Facebook Page have 441.589 fans and is growing around aprox 30.000 new fans by day.

yahoo facebook fan page

Facebook Google Yahoo begin to test IPv6

This wednesday hundreds of Internet companies, including Google and Facebook, are participating in the first worldwide “test flight” of a major engineering upgrade to the Internet’s infrastructure.

Today is the World IPv6 Day, a clunky name for an experiment that should be invisible to surfers but plays a critical role in keeping the Internet running smoothly for many years more.

Regional Internet registries are now assigning their last few remaining IPv4 addresses from the final blocks allocated to them in February 2011. This remaining address space is expected to be completely exhausted in 2012, though some regions of the world will run out earlier. Now moreso than ever, the need for organizations to transition to IPv6 has become critical, though the transition will occur gradually over the next several years.

The old system could handle several billion addresses. IPv6 has room 340 undecillion of them. That’s 34 followed by 37 zeros — enough for every human on Earth

For 24 hours, starting at midnight UTC (8 p.m. ET) more than 400 major websites around the world are switching their sites over to IPv6 delivery. Google, Facebook and Yahoo are leading the charge.

You can check if you are usign IPv6 following this link Check your IP Version

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how much important is twitter

Twitter Accounts For 17% Of Click-Throughs On Shared Content

When it comes to content that’s shared around the web, Twitter is the major service driving click-throughs.
While it doesn’t quite compare to Facebook, Twitter does send just about the same percentage of click-throughs on shared content as email does – and email has decades on Twitter.

In a study put together by social sharing button provider ShareThis, Twitter is found to be among the most popular ways that people share content – but it still has a way to go.

The study looked at over 300 million people who share and click on links using a ShareThis button (which is installed on over 1 million
websites). It found that sharing accounts for about 10 percent of all Internet traffic.

First, some general findings:

Facebook, unsurprisingly, is the sharing juggernaut: it accounts for 38% of all sharing referral traffic, or those who actually click on shared links
Twitter and Email account for 17% of shared traffic click-throughs each

Other sharing tools like bookmarking and sharing on blogs accounts for the remaining 34%

But that’s not the whole story. While Twitter might have lower traffic generation, it sees higher click-through rates on each item shared than Facebook.
Twitter links are clicked 4.9 times each, compared to Facebook’s 4.3 times and email’s 1.7 times.

Twitter is also making inroads in terms of the type of content shared, branching out into business and health while Facebook shares usually center around entertainment and shopping links.

This data shows us that Twitter, while not being the massive sharing machine that Facebook is, sees high levels of engagement on its shared links and is overtaking email in terms of the percentage of traffic it drives through shared content.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Information